Our Makers

Martinborough Manner

Martinborough Manner is arguably the smallest farm in the Wairarapa that makes stunning jams and preserves, just like Grandma used to make. All the products are made on the six-acre property in Martinborough. The farm is spray free and the farm practices are very natural and environmentally friendly, including the hens and ducks used as pest control, any surplus fruit and vegetables are feed to the animals on the farm and weeds are kept under control using cardboard or good old digging.

All their products are made from old fashioned recipes using their own produce. Where they can’t supply enough from the orchard they buy from local sources. The philosophy is to create a product that doesn’t have filler, additives, flavourings or preservatives.

Martinborough Jelly Co

Kirsty Hawkins has the best office in the world, she looks out onto the Pinot Noir grapes vines that she crafts into delicious Pinot Noir Jelly.

The jelly is made from premium Pinot Noir grapes hand selected and small batch produced. Each jar has the row number, so you know exactly where it’s come from.

The Jelly is the perfect accompaniment to a cheese platter with crusty bread and paired with a glass of Martinborough wine or have it on scones with a cup of refreshing tea, the possibilities are endless.


Left Field Olives

Colin and Di Hadley were captivated by a Schubert Music Festival in Martinborough back in 1996. After purchasing a ‘gently undulating paddock’ that they both fell in love with, they now produce award winning Olive Oil from their four-hectare grove.

Left Field has a real focus on quality and like all craftspeople they have an investment in treating the raw material as best they can. Colin and Di have adopted organic practices within the grove which adds to the high-quality oil they produce.


Laughing Owl Fudge

Here at Simply Living Wairarapa we love craftspeople like Kylie, doing something that’s simple, doing it well and with love.

Kylie Alexander, a qualified chef makes delicious fudge right in the heart of Greytown. Taking inspiration from her grandmother, Coral, Kylie uses a traditional recipe that uses no stabilisers or additives and the final product is smooth, creamy and moreish, enjoy!


Be happy chocolate

Elly and Jon at be happy chocolate are proud to have created a range of chocolate that is delicious, dairy free and refined sugar free.

They handmake all their chocolate in small batches combining raw, organic and unrefined ingredients in a way that preserves their natural goodness. Their ingredients are sourced from suppliers who operate ethically and give their growers a fair deal.

be happy chocolate is wrapped in beautiful, low impact packaging that uses vegetable inks, recyclable and home compostable materials creating a uniquely special gift.


Hinakura Honey Co

Hinakura Honey Company is a collective of family beekeepers from the Hinakura Valley near Martinborough.

Hinakura Manuka honey is harvested from each family property. There is no blending of honey, and each batch is labelled under its own property name, so you know exactly where your honey has come from.


Ranui Essentials

Ranui Lavender based in Martinborough has the  perfect environment for the production of lavender, situated on the slopes of the Aorangi Ranges.

For centuries lavender has been used for natural healing of burns, stings, stress relief, sunburn, muscle and joint pain. Lavender is also effective in cleaning products.

Tracy and Eric Voice have created a business harvesting the natural goodness of Lavender and turning it into beautiful, natural, award winning products.

Sandra Wong

Sandra Wong is a passionate local artist best known for her New Zealand bird and tree paintings, owls, anthropomorphic steampunk characters and the occasional abstract.

Sandra started Kotare Art Studio + Art Gallery in Greytown to showcase local artists. She is an artist member and friend of The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art and History and the popular local art club Wai Art.

Next time you’re in Greytown call in and have a look at Sandra’s beautiful range of prints, cards and artworks.

Wild Grey Fox

Wild Grey Fox create a range of products which are designed to be ecologically responsible as well as beautiful. They use gorgeous images of wildlife and nature, captured by artist Nikki McIvor.

The key to what Wild Grey Fox do is that everything they produce is “good for everyone from start to finish”. It’s important to Nikki and Marina that these lovely objects not only bring you pleasure but are also made with the smallest environmental footprint they can achieve.     

 Marty Girl Skinfood

MARTYGIRL is a Natural, Nourishing, Ethical, funky skinfood range, that really works.

Every product is personally made by Adi, a former chef and farmer, in small batches of up to ten.

What sets Adi apart from other skincare makers is that her wild, locally hand-harvested ingredients of herbs, weeds, plants and flowers are researched extensively before she infuses them in a gentle way that slowly draws out their healing properties.


Choice Fruits

Choice Fruit owners Alison and Roy were both brought up by mothers who spent their time baking and preserving, which lead onto extensive backgrounds in the food industry.

Their aim is to bring colour back into the products which they sell; there is nothing more pleasurable than eating food, which not only excites your taste buds but your eyes as well.

Choice Fruit products are 'real food'. They are big advocates for fresh, seasonal, local and organic ingredients, with the added bonus of being in a recyclable/re-usable glass jar. They are dairy free, low salt and low sugar with no artificial flavours or preservatives.


Pete Nikolaison

Pete Nikolaison the name Nikolaison is widely known and highly respected in Wairarapa photography. Masterton born and bred Pete Nikolaison, son of the late George, continues the tradition started by his father of creating finest quality photographic images. Pete has over 40 years of experience to draw on and a proven reputation. His publications Nikolaison & Son Masterton Then & Now, Wairarapa Place and People and calendars attest to the on-going popularity of his work.


Lavender Abbey

Lavender Abbey, based in Carterton, started growing lavender in 2008 and now produce multi-award winning lavender essential oil.  From their oil, Jan creates natural handcrafted lavender products for the discerning lavender lover. Their products support health and wellness and focus on women that love to pamper themselves.

 Their lavender is spray-free and looks toward the Tararua ranges, an idyllic spot for lavender to grow.  Yearly they open their farm to visitors to pick their own lavender, which has been running for nine years now.  They grow three types of lavender - Grosso, Violet Intrigue and Pacific Blue, each plant adding something extra to their range of products.

 As well as growing their own vegetables and fruit, they also have sheep, chickens and the occasional pair of pigs running around the property, plus their French Briard dogs - Lily and Remy.